Fire Pits and Fire Tables:
Keeping Warm for All Seasons

After the outdoor furniture is chosen and you are ready for dining and relaxing outdoors, let’s warm things up a bit. It can get chilly at night in the spring, and certainly in the fall.  

Another idea to make being outdoors a joy is to add  fire pit or fire table 

Its like gathering around an indoor fireplace or a bonfire on a beach, but in the comfort of your own backyard year round.  

Many of our fire pits double as tables too!  Making them versatile furniture pieces.  



BBQ fire pit image - JoPa Outdoor Furniture Blog

“Our Fire Pits Double as Tables…”

Copperstone Fire Pit Jopa Outdoor Furniture

“Made From Copper and Iron…”


The 32” Copperstone Fire Pit is a great introduction to the world of mixing and matching materials. It’s made from copper and iron and has a teak wood top.  Use it as a solid tabletop when its not lit.  

Our Copperstone showcase online highlights the beautiful, natural weathering of the teak top. The final look of the aging metal patina will be a secret until it’s been in your backyard for a while. Although designed for wood burning, it can be retrofitted for gas.

You can change your fire pit look by choosing crushed fire glass.  The gravel-shaped crushed fire glass comes in different sizes and provides texture.  

Another option is a wood look you get from ceramic materials that are crafted to look like wood, but do not burn away, and will heat until you turn the fire pit or table off.  

Come by to see all of your options!  Stop by JoPa’s showroom to find the right look for you.  

Teak top - Jopa Fire Pit Table

“Beautiful Weathering…”

Chicago Fire Pit - Jopa Outdoor Furniture

“It’s Compact and Modern…”

For a stout and sturdy look, you might choose the Chicago Fire Pit. It’s compact and modern. With lovely metal hues crossing at perpendicular angles, it has an early 20th century Dutch art appeal. 


For a more modern look, consider the Contemporary Lines Fire Pit Table. It’s polished, contemporary and just oh so smooth. Albeit museum worthy, it could be on your patio instead.

Contemporary Lines Fire Tabele

“Just Oh So Smooth…”

Contemporary fire table - Jopa Outdoor Furniture

“It’s Powerful”

 This fire pit can accommodate one or several people yet still add to an intimate setting and allow each guest a bit of warmth.  Visit JoPa in our Richmond, VA location to view this fire pit and others.  


A stylish and functional accent to your outdoor area might be the the Dinner Party Fire Pit Table  

It is durable and doubles as a bar height table with seating room for 6.  Its handsome burnished veneer adds to its inherent warmth.

Dinner Party Fire Pit Table - Jopa Outdoor Furniture

“A Handsome Burnished Veneer…”

Imagine sitting around a crackling fire with your family, roasting s’mores imagining you are on a campout.  

There are so many seasons to celebrate together and a JoPa Fire Pit will make them more magical. VISIT OUR SHOWROOM today to check out all your outdoor furniture and accessory options.