How to Protect Your Furniture in Unpredictable Weather


Let’s face it. Richmond’s weather can be unpredictable. One day it’s sunshine while the next day is an all out downpour. So what happens to your outdoor furniture when it rains?

Your furniture may be water resistant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s waterproof. The elements – whether it’s rain, snow, or even sunlight, will deteriorate your furniture over time. And those are only the long-term detriments. When it comes to having a nice cup of coffee to start your morning outdoors, you’ll find that your cushions are soaked. Nobody likes starting their day with wet pants.
But there’s a simple way to prevent deterioration, enjoy your coffee with dry pants, and maintain your furniture’s health. Just buy our furniture covers.

Furniture covers protect your seating from the elements, prevent rot and mildew, and guard your furniture against cracks, peeling and fading. The best part is that they’re easy to use.

At JoPa Company, we have the area’s largest selection of shapes and sizes of Rhinoweave furniture covers. They are durable, water resistant AND machine washable materials. Before you come by, make sure to measure your furniture so that we can get the right size for you.

Who knows what the weather will actually be tomorrow? Save yourself the headache and get yourself some furniture covers.